5 Useless Gadgets of 2016 that will Make You Laugh

Wacky inventors the world over have been responsible for producing some pretty crazy products, but 2016 saw some of the most useless gadgets hit the market in long time.

Which isn’t all that surprising, considering just how crazy 2016 has been already!

Check out 5 of the wackiest, most useless gadgets and gizmos to hit the market this year and laugh at the bizarreness of these products!

Algaculture masks that feeds you on the go


These masks look a lot like the facemask that Bane wore in the most recent Batman movie, and they work on much the same principle. Basically working to pump organic material into your body at regular intervals, these masks are designed to stop people from ever feeling hungry. Most are more than a little suspect about whether or not they work as advertised, and all agree they look like one of the dumbest things ever created.

Unless you’re working on an independent sci-fi movie, you’ll probably want to bail on this mask!

The Monster Stroller is straight out of a horror movie


Designed to mimic the look and feel of a creepy monster you’d see in horror movies throughout the 1980s, this Monster Stroller is guaranteed to give even the calmest babies all kinds of nightmares.

Absolutely ugly, and that’s being kind, this stroller is also insanely impractical. New parents are going to find it to be really, heavy, difficult to maneuver over anything but the most level and even terrain, and not the safest thing on the market, either.

This has to be one of the most useless gadgets to hit the market in 2016.

The antimasturbation cross is a real product


Parents all over the world – and throughout time – aren’t super comfortable talking about masturbation with their kids, but this gadget takes things way, way too far.

Essentially a cross shaped straight jacket like device, you are supposed to strap your children into this gizmo when you don’t want them to touch themselves. It’s impossible to imagine this device actually working for one, simply because you wouldn’t be able to keep them locked up all day. But it’s also guaranteed grounds for child abuse, so it likely won’t be available for sale for much longer.

The assisted ice cream cone makes enjoying a frosty treat even tougher

This is our least favorite of all the useless gadgets and gizmos to be released in the last year, if only because it turns something that’s ALWAYS fun – eating your favorite ice cream – into an absolute chore.

Basically a big plastic cone that you dump ice cream into, the cone itself spins and rotates so that you don’t have to turn the cone in your hands any longer. We’ve already read stories of the spinning cycle getting locked in the “On” position, essentially spinning ice cream around and around at top speed.

Doesn’t sound like a lot of fun, now does it?

The roll and pour for gallon jugs


We enjoy a lot of modern conveniences that make life a lot easier, but there’s never been anything quite like this on the market before.

A gigantic cage like device propped up on two rollers that look like a rocking chair, folks can put those heavy gallon jugs of milk, juice, or water into the carriage and then rock it forward to pour liquid out. This eliminates having to lift and pour the jug, but it ignores the fact that you’re already holding the jug in your hands from taking it out of the fridge!

Give this 2016 gadget a pass for sure. Even if it was completely free of charge they’d still be asking too much for it.

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